Poet's Market 2020

Book of Poet's Market 2020
Poet's Market 2020 is book by N.a, publish by Penguin with 480 pages. You can read book online free by subscribe to Kindle Unlimited or direct download from the alternative source.
  • Author : N.a
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Isbn : : 0593191056
  • Pages : 480
  • Category : Reference

The Most Trusted Guide to Publishing Poetry! Want to get your poetry published? There's no better tool for making it happen than Poet's Market 2020, which includes hundreds of publishing opportunities specifically for poets, including listings for book and chapbook publishers, print and online poetry publications, contests, and more. These listings include contact information, submission preferences, insider tips on what specific editors want, and--when offered--payment information. In addition to the completely updated listings, the 33nd edition of Poet's Market offers articles devoted to the craft and business of poetry, including the art of finishing a poem, ways to promote your new book, habits of highly productive poets, and more.

The Productive Writer

Book of The Productive Writer
  • Author : Sage Cohen
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Isbn : : 1599632705
  • Pages : 208
  • Category : Language Arts & Disciplines

Take Control of Your Writing Life! The creative process can be treacherous, even for the most experienced writer. Facing the blank page, staying inspired, sustaining momentum, managing competing priorities and coping with rejection are just a few of the challenges writers face regularly. The Productive Writer is your guide to learning the systems, strategies and psychology that can help you transform possibilities into probabilities in your writing life. You'll sharpen your productivity pencil by learning how to: • Set clear goals—and achieve them • Create a writing schedule that really works • Discover what keeps you writing, revising, and submitting • Carve out writing time amidst the demands of work and family • Weed out habits and attitudes that are not serving you • Organize your thinking, workspace, papers and files • Increase your odds of publication and prosperity • Use social media to build an author platform • Get comfortable going public and promoting your writing • Create a sustainable writing rhythm and lifestyle • Accomplish what matters most to you Create the writing life you most desire. The Productive Writer will help take you there.

A Companion to Contemporary British and Irish Poetry, 1960 - 2015

Book of A Companion to Contemporary British and Irish Poetry, 1960 - 2015
  • Author : David Malcolm,Wolfgang Gortschacher
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Isbn : : 1118843258
  • Pages : 560
  • Category : Literary Criticism

A comprehensive and scholarly review of contemporary British and Irish Poetry With contributions from noted scholars in the field, A Companion to Contemporary British and Irish Poetry, 1960-2015 offers a collection of writings from a diverse group of experts. They explore the richness of individual poets, genres, forms, techniques, traditions, concerns, and institutions that comprise these two distinct but interrelated national poetries. Part of the acclaimed Blackwell Companion to Literature and Culture series, this book contains a comprehensive survey of the most important contemporary Irish and British poetry. The contributors provide new perspectives and positions on the topic. This important book: Explores the institutions, histories, and receptions of contemporary Irish and British poetry Contains contributions from leading scholars of British and Irish poetry Includes an analysis of the most prominent Irish and British poets Puts contemporary Irish and British poetry in context Written for students and academics of contemporary poetry, A Companion to Contemporary British and Irish Poetry, 1960-2015 offers a comprehensive review of contemporary poetry from a wide range of diverse contributors.

Sociologies of Poetry Translation

Book of Sociologies of Poetry Translation
  • Author : Jacob Blakesley
  • Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
  • Isbn : : 1350043273
  • Pages : 280
  • Category : Language Arts & Disciplines

While the sociology of literary translation is well-established, and even flourishing, the same cannot be said for the sociology of poetry translation. Sociologies of Poetry Translation features scholars who address poetry translation from sociological perspectives in order to catalyze new methods of investigating poetry translation. This book makes the case for a move from the singular 'sociology of poetry translation' to the pluralist 'sociologies', in order to account for the rich variety of approaches that are currently emerging to deal with poetry translation. It also aims to bridge the gap between the 'cultural turn' and the 'sociological turn' in Translation Studies, with the range of contributions showcasing the rich diversity of approaches to analysing poetry translation from socio-cultural, socio-historical, socio-political and micro-social perspectives. Contributors draw on theorists including Pierre Bourdieu and Niklas Luhmann and assess poetry translation from and/or into Catalan, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Slovakian, Spanish, Swahili and Swedish. A wide range of topics are featured in the book including: trends in poetry translation in the modern global book market; the commissioning and publishing of poetry translations in the United States of America; modern English-language translations of Dante; women poet-translators in mid-19th century Ireland; translations of Russian poetry anthologies into modern English; the translation of Shakespeare's plays and sonnets in post-colonial Tanzania and socialist Czechoslovakia; translations and translators of Italian poetry into 20th and 21st century Sweden; modern European poet-translators; and collaborative writing between prominent English and Spanish poet-translators.

Blue Tile

Book of Blue Tile
  • Author : Regis Bonvicino
  • Publisher : The Chinese University Press
  • Isbn : : 9629965143
  • Pages : 72
  • Category : Poetry

Following the convening of Hong Kong International Poetry Nights 2011, The World of Words is a collection of selected works by some of the most internationally acclaimed poets today. The poem of "Blue Tile" by Regis Bonvicino is finest contemporary poetry in trilingual or bilingual presentation.

The Poet's Survival Guide

Book of The Poet's Survival Guide
  • Author : LB Sedlacek
  • Publisher : Lulu Press, Inc
  • Isbn : : 1257455737
  • Pages : N.A
  • Category : Poetry

The Poet's Survival Guide Ebook contains 17 informative chapters for new or established poets trying to earn and make a living with poetry.

Poem Unlimited

Book of Poem Unlimited
  • Author : David Kerler,Timo Müller
  • Publisher : Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
  • Isbn : : 3110592665
  • Pages : 288
  • Category : Literary Criticism

Questions of genres as well as their possible definitions, taxonomies, and functions have been discussed since antiquity. Even though categories of genre today are far from being fixed, they have for decades been upheld without question. The goal of this volume is to problematize traditional definitions of poetic genres and to situate them in a broader socio-cultural, historical, and theoretical context. The contributions encompass numerous methodological approaches (including hermeneutics, poststructuralism, reception theory, cultural studies, gender studies), periods (Romanticism, Modernism, Postmodernism), genres (elegy, sonnet, visual poetry, performance poetry, hip hop) as well as languages and national literatures. From this interdisciplinary and multi-methodological perspective, genres, periods, languages, and literatures are put into fruitful dialogue, new perspectives are discovered, and suggestions for further research are provided.

Victorian Poetry and the Poetics of the Literary Periodical

Book of Victorian Poetry and the Poetics of the Literary Periodical
  • Author : Caley Ehnes
  • Publisher : Edinburgh University Press
  • Isbn : : 147441835X
  • Pages : 352
  • Category : Literary Criticism

Reads Victorian literature and science as artful practices that surpass the theories and discourses supposed to contain them

Russian Culture in the Age of Globalization

Book of Russian Culture in the Age of Globalization
  • Author : Vlad Strukov,Sarah Hudspith
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Isbn : : 1317235584
  • Pages : 318
  • Category : Social Science

This book brings together scholars from across a variety of disciplines who use different methodologies to interrogate the changing nature of Russian culture in the twenty-first century. The book considers a wide range of cultural forms that have been instrumental in globalizing Russia. These include literature, art, music, film, media, the internet, sport, urban spaces, and the Russian language. The book pays special attention to the processes by which cultural producers negotiate between Russian government and global cultural capital. It focuses on the issues of canon, identity, soft power and cultural exchange. The book provides a conceptual framework for analyzing Russia as a transnational entity and its contemporary culture in the globalized world.

Poetry For Dummies

Book of Poetry For Dummies
  • Author : The Poetry Center,John Timpane
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Isbn : : 9781118053645
  • Pages : 336
  • Category : Literary Criticism

Sometimes it seems like there are as many definitions of poetry as there are poems. Coleridge defined poetry as “the best words in the best order.” St. Augustine called it “the Devil’s wine.” For Shelley, poetry was “the record of the best and happiest moments of the happiest and best minds.” But no matter how you define it, poetry has exercised a hold upon the hearts and minds of people for more than five millennia. That’s because for the attentive reader, poetry has the power to send chills shooting down the spine and lightning bolts flashing in the brain — to throw open the doors of perception and hone our sensibilities to a scalpel’s edge. Poetry For Dummies is a great guide to reading and writing poems, not only for beginners, but for anyone interested in verse. From Homer to Basho, Chaucer to Rumi, Shelley to Ginsberg, it introduces you to poetry’s greatest practitioners. It arms you with the tools you need to understand and appreciate poetry in all its forms, and to explore your own talent as a poet. Discover how to: Understand poetic language and forms Interpret poems Get a handle on poetry through the ages Find poetry readings near you Write your own poems Shop your work around to publishers Don’t know the difference between an iamb and a trochee? Worry not, this friendly guide demystifies the jargon, and it covers a lot more ground besides, including: Understanding subject, tone, narrative; and poetic language Mastering the three steps to interpretation Facing the challenges of older poetry Exploring 5,000 years of verse, from Mesopotamia to the global village Writing open-form poetry Working with traditional forms of verse Writing exercises for aspiring poets Getting published From Sappho to Clark Coolidge, and just about everyone in between, Poetry For Dummies puts you in touch with the greats of modern and ancient poetry. Need guidance on composing a ghazal, a tanka, a sestina, or a psalm? This is the book for you.

La littérature camerounaise depuis la réunification (1961-2011)

Book of La littérature camerounaise depuis la réunification (1961-2011)
  • Author : Alice Delphine Tang,Marie-Rose Abomo-Maurin
  • Publisher : Editions L'Harmattan
  • Isbn : : 2296539076
  • Pages : 260
  • Category : Literary Criticism

Le 1er octobre 1961 marque la réunification des deux anciennes parties du pays: le Cameroun occidental, anglophone, et le Cameroun oriental, francophone. La célébration du cinquantenaire de la réunification du Cameroun est un événement certes politique, mais concerne plusieurs autres domaines dont celui de la littérature. Ce livre analyse ainsi des oeuvres de la littérature camerounaise des deux langues.

James Thomson's Defence of Poetry

Book of James Thomson's Defence of Poetry
  • Author : Stefanie Lethbridge
  • Publisher : Walter de Gruyter
  • Isbn : : 3110913682
  • Pages : 287
  • Category : Literary Criticism

This study presents a contextual and intertextual reading of James Thomson's (1700--1748) poem »The Seasons«, taking into consideration some of the presuppositions and habitus of the text's cultural community and the function of the poem's many intertextual allusions. An intertextual reading reveals »The Seasons«, though heterogeneous on its surface, as coherent in its cultural functionality. An analysis of the poem's intertext uncovers textual strategies that attempt to re-legitimise poetic discourse as a culturally relevant force especially in relation to the newly privileged discourse of natural philosophy.

The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary British and Irish Poetry

Book of The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary British and Irish Poetry
  • Author : Peter Robinson
  • Publisher : OUP Oxford
  • Isbn : : 0191652466
  • Pages : 784
  • Category : Poetry

The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary British and Irish Poetry offers thirty-eight chapters of ground breaking research that form a collaborative guide to the many groupings and movements, the locations and styles, as well as concerns (aesthetic, political, cultural and ethical) that have helped shape contemporary poetry in Britain and Ireland. The book's introduction offers an anthropological participant-observer approach to its variously conflicted subjects, while exploring the limits and openness of the contemporary as a shifting and never wholly knowable category. The five ensuing sections explore: a history of the period's poetic movements; its engagement with form, technique, and the other arts; its association with particular locations and places; its connection with, and difference from, poetry in other parts of the world; and its circling around such ethical issues as whether poetry can perform actions in the world, can atone, redress, or repair, and how its significance is inseparable from acts of evaluation in both poets and readers. Though the book is not structured to feature chapters on authors thought to be canonical, on the principle that contemporary writers are by definition not yet canonical, the volume contains commentary on many prominent poets, as well as finding space for its contributors' enthusiasms for numerous less familiar figures. It has been organized to be read from cover to cover as an ever deepening exploration of a complex field, to be read in one or more of its five thematically structured sections, or indeed to be read by picking out single chapters or discussions of poets that particularly interest its individual readers.

Indie Poet Rock Star

Book of Indie Poet Rock Star
  • Author : Michael La Ronn
  • Publisher : Ursabrand Media
  • Isbn : :
  • Pages : 166
  • Category : Self-Help

Are you frustrated with your poetry career? There's good news. The publishing landscape has changed, and poets have more opportunities to sell their work than ever before. And guess what? Almost no one is pursuing these options! Navigate the New World of Poetry Publishing Indie poet & author Michael La Ronn walks you through what it really means to be a poet in today's market, and how to use the status quo to your advantage. In this book, you'll learn: * What the new landscape looks like and why you should take advantage of it now * Myths about poetry writing & common traps that poets fall into * Why you should indie publish your next collection (and how to do it with style) * How to think about your poetry as a business (hint: it's not just submitting to literary magazines) * The right way to market a poetry collection without the help of a publisher * How MFA programs and literary magazines can adapt in order to thrive in this new world All this and much more. NOW is the time to take charge of your writing career. Buying this book may be the most important thing you do to reach new readers and improve your sales. This is the self-publishing book that poets have been waiting for!


Book of Gold
  • Author : Barbara Crooker
  • Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
  • Isbn : : 1620329409
  • Pages : 80
  • Category : Literary Criticism

Barbara Crooker's new book Gold focuses on one of the most profound life-altering experiences possible: losing one's mother. This collection is an elegy, not just to the speaker's mother, but to a lost Eden that cannot be reclaimed. Beginning with a series of lyrics set in autumn, the poems become more narrative, recounting the long illness of Crooker's mother, her death, and the profound journey along the shores of grief. Throughout, Crooker is aware of the complexity and strength of the mother/daughter relationship and the chasm that this loss opens. The book includes other themes: poems about aging and the body, the loss of friends, the difficulties and joys in a long-term marriage, and always, the subtle ways faith influences the way Crooker experiences life. Her work has great scope, spanning the globe from rural Pennsylvania to Ireland, and reaching not just within herself but also outside of herself, to ekphrastic poems on the paintings of Gorky, Manet, Matisse, and others. This is the book of a mature writer, one who demonstrates an awareness of our own impermanence, our brokenness, and one who knows that if our parents go before us, we will have to learn to live with loss. In this book, we see the redemptive power of poetry itself to heal and to console.

A History of Victorian Literature

Book of A History of Victorian Literature
  • Author : James Eli Adams
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Isbn : : 1444354892
  • Pages : 480
  • Category : Literary Criticism

Incorporating a broad range of contemporary scholarship, A History of Victorian Literature presents an overview of the literature produced in Great Britain between 1830 and 1900, with fresh consideration of both major figures and some of the era's less familiar authors. Part of the Blackwell Histories of Literature series, the book describes the development of the Victorian literary movement and places it within its cultural, social and political context. A wide-ranging narrative overview of literature in Great Britain between 1830 and 1900, capturing the extraordinary variety of literary output produced during this era Analyzes the development of all literary forms during this period - the novel, poetry, drama, autobiography and critical prose - in conjunction with major developments in social and intellectual history Considers the ways in which writers engaged with new forms of social responsibility in their work, as Britain transformed into the world's first industrial economy Offers a fresh perspective on the work of both major figures and some of the era’s less familiar authors Winner of a Choice Outstanding Academic Title award, 2009

Create Your Writer Platform

Book of Create Your Writer Platform
  • Author : Chuck Sambuchino
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Isbn : : 1599635798
  • Pages : 248
  • Category : Language Arts & Disciplines

Creating a platform isn't just beneficial--it's essential! In today's world of blogging, websites, Twitter feeds, and Facebook updates, building a writer platform from the ground up can seem a daunting task. Never fear--author and editor Chuck Sambuchino provides expert, practical advice for increasing your visibility, selling more books, and launching a successful career. In Create Your Writer Platform, you'll learn: • The definition of a platform--and why you should start building one now. • How to harness the 12 Fundamental Principles of Platform. • "Old School" and "New School" approaches to platform, from article writing and conference speaking to website development, blog posts, and social media avenues. • How to develop a platform for nonfiction, fiction, and memoir. In addition to Chuck's invaluable insights, you'll also find 12 case studies from authors with effective platforms, as well as professional advice from literary agents. If you're serious about building a platform tailored to you and your writing--a platform that's going to help you succeed as a writer--look no further than Create Your Writer Platform.

Handbook of British Literature and Culture of the First World War

Book of Handbook of British Literature and Culture of the First World War
  • Author : Ralf Schneider,Jane Potter
  • Publisher : Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
  • Isbn : : 3110422468
  • Pages : 540
  • Category : Literary Criticism

The First World War has given rise to a multifaceted cultural production like no other historical event. This handbook surveys British literature and film about the war from 1914 until today. The continuing interest in World War I highlights the interdependence of war experience, the imaginative re-creation of that experience in writing, and individual as well as collective memory. In the first part of the handbook, the major genres of war writing and film are addressed, including of course poetry and the novel, but also the short story; furthermore, it is shown how our conception of the Great War is broadened when looked at from the perspective of gender studies and post-colonial criticism. The chapters in the second part present close readings of important contributions to the literary and filmic representation of World War I in Great Britain. All in all, the contributions demonstrate how the opposing forces of focusing and canon-formation on the one hand, and broadening and revision of the canon on the other, have characterised British literature and culture of the First World War.

Greek Tragedy on the Move

Book of Greek Tragedy on the Move
  • Author : Edmund Stewart
  • Publisher : Oxford University Press
  • Isbn : : 0192519883
  • Pages : 304
  • Category : Literary Collections

Greek tragedy is one of the most important cultural legacies of the classical world, with a rich and varied history and reception, yet it appears to have its roots in a very particular place and time. The authors of the surviving works of Greek tragic drama-Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides-were all from one city, Athens, and all lived in the fifth century BC; unsurprisingly, it has often been supposed that tragic drama was inherently linked in some way to fifth-century Athens and its democracy. Why then do we refer to tragedy as 'Greek', rather than 'Attic' or 'Athenian', as some scholars have argued? This volume argues that the story of tragedy's development and dissemination is inherently one of travel and that tragedy grew out of, and became part of, a common Greek culture, rather than being explicitly Athenian. Although Athens was a major panhellenic centre, by the fifth century a well-established network of festivals and patrons had grown up to encompass Greek cities and sanctuaries from Sicily to Asia Minor and from North Africa to the Black Sea. The movement of professional poets, actors, and audience members along this circuit allowed for the exchange of poetry in general and tragedy in particular, which came to be performed all over the Greek world and was therefore a panhellenic phenomenon even from the time of the earliest performances. The stories that were dramatized were themselves tales of travel-the epic journeys of heroes such as Heracles, Jason, or Orestes- and the works of the tragedians not only demonstrated how the various peoples of Greece were connected through the wanderings of their ancestors, but also how these connections could be sustained by travelling poets and their acts of retelling.

Novel & Short Story Writer's Market 2020

Book of Novel & Short Story Writer's Market 2020
  • Author : Amy Jones
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Isbn : : 0593191048
  • Pages : 512
  • Category : Reference

The best resource for getting your fiction published! Novel & Short Story Writer's Market 2020 is the go-to resource you need to get your short stories, novellas, and novels published. The 39th edition of NSSWM features hundreds of updated listings for book publishers, literary agents, fiction publications, contests, and more. Each listing includes contact information, submission guidelines, and other essential tips. This edition of Novel & Short Story Writer's Market also offers • Interviews with bestselling authors N.K. Jemisin, Min Jin Lee, James Patterson, and Curtis Sittenfeld. • A detailed look at how to choose the best title for your fiction writing. • Articles on creating antagonistic characters and settings. • Advice on working with your editor, keeping track of your submissions, and diversity in fiction.