The Energy System

Book of The Energy System
The Energy System is book by N.a, publish by MIT Press with 1216 pages. You can read book online free by subscribe to Kindle Unlimited or direct download from the alternative source.
  • Author : N.a
  • Publisher : MIT Press
  • Isbn : : 0262345013
  • Pages : 1216
  • Category : Business & Economics

A comprehensive textbook that integrates tools from technology, economics, markets, and policy to approach energy issues using a dynamic systems and capital-centric perspective. The global energy system is the vital foundation of modern human industrial society. Traditionally studied through separate disciplines of engineering, economics, environment, or public policy, this system can be fully understood only by using an approach that integrates these tools. This textbook is the first to take a dynamic systems perspective on understanding energy systems, tracking energy from primary resource to final energy services through a long and capital-intensive supply chain bounded by both macroeconomic and natural resource systems. The book begins with a framework for understanding how energy is transformed as it moves through the system with the aid of various types of capital, its movement influenced by a combination of the technical, market, and policy conditions at the time. It then examines the three primary energy subsystems of electricity, transportation, and thermal energy, explaining such relevant topics as systems thinking, cost estimation, capital formation, market design, and policy tools. Finally, the book reintegrates these subsystems and looks at their relation to the economic system and the ecosystem that they inhabit. Practitioners and theorists from any field will benefit from a deeper understanding of both existing dynamic energy system processes and potential tools for intervention.

Building the Golden Gate Bridge

Book of Building the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Author : Harvey Schwartz
  • Publisher : University of Washington Press
  • Isbn : : 0295806206
  • Pages : 195
  • Category : History

Silver Award Winner, 2016 Nautilus Book Award in Young Adult (YA) Non-Fiction Moving beyond the familiar accounts of politics and the achievements of celebrity engineers and designers, Building the Golden Gate Bridge is the first book to primarily feature the voices of the workers themselves. This is the story of survivors who vividly recall the hardships, hazards, and victories of constructing the landmark span during the Great Depression. Labor historian Harvey Schwartz has compiled oral histories of nine workers who helped build the celebrated bridge. Their powerful recollections chronicle the technical details of construction, the grueling physical conditions they endured, the small pleasures they enjoyed, and the gruesome accidents some workers suffered. The result is an evocation of working-class life and culture in a bygone era. Most of the bridge builders were men of European descent, many of them the sons of immigrants. Schwartz also interviewed women: two nurses who cared for the injured and tolerated their antics, the wife of one 1930s builder, and an African American ironworker who toiled on the bridge in later years. These powerful stories are accompanied by stunning photographs of the bridge under construction. An homage to both the American worker and the quintessential San Francisco landmark, Building the Golden Gate Bridge expands our understanding of Depression-era labor and California history and makes a unique contribution to the literature of this iconic span.

Serpent Galaxy

Book of Serpent Galaxy
  • Author : David McElwrath
  • Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
  • Isbn : : 1524543497
  • Pages : 362
  • Category : Fiction

This books storyline is that of reptilians from the Andromeda Galaxy. The first earth ship to meet the reptilians was not a human ship but an advanced ship of the ancient and advanced race of the Vlar. The Vlar were a very high technology ancient race who expected to have no fear of the Snakes. However, the race of reptilians that were rapidly conquering all civilizations with which they came into contact were now a threat to all races, whatever their level of technology. A century ago, the Vlar never expected to be worried about the Snakes, as all civilizations called them. Their conquests had become so rapid and so had their takeover of advanced civilizations and their technology that they were now a threat to every being in the galaxy. The Vlar gave the earth humans some of their high-tech ships as a kind of last effort since they held the earth humans in such low regard. The Vlar thought of the earth humans as warlike, backward, and vicious animals who killed their own kind. However, there were very few options left open to the Vlar, so they gave the earth humans a few of their ships. The Snakes had millions of high-tech ships that carried thousands of Snake soldiers at several times the speed of light. The Vlar gave the earth humans a few dozen Vlar ships. The Snakes were over seven feet tall and weighed over five hundred pounds. They were equipped with fangs and claws like the Tyrannosaurus rex of old earth history. They liked to fight with hands or blade weapons to see the blood flow. They were cannibals in addition to being carnivores. They considered it honorable to eat your defeated foe, and they were not above eating their own children. The Snakes used massed ships in the millions to just roll over all the people they intended to conquer. It was expected of any failed Snake expeditions to commit suicide. The Snakes occupied over 1,400 planets and were continuing to conquer more as time went by. Apparently, none could stand before the Snakes. Could the small blue planet called earth have a chance to survive?

Understanding the Educational and Career Pathways of Engineers

Book of Understanding the Educational and Career Pathways of Engineers
  • Author : National Academy of Engineering,Committee on Understanding the Engineering Education-Workforce Continuum
  • Publisher : National Academies Press
  • Isbn : : 0309485630
  • Pages : 222
  • Category : Education

Engineering skills and knowledge are foundational to technological innovation and development that drive long-term economic growth and help solve societal challenges. Therefore, to ensure national competitiveness and quality of life it is important to understand and to continuously adapt and improve the educational and career pathways of engineers in the United States. To gather this understanding it is necessary to study the people with the engineering skills and knowledge as well as the evolving system of institutions, policies, markets, people, and other resources that together prepare, deploy, and replenish the nation's engineering workforce. This report explores the characteristics and career choices of engineering graduates, particularly those with a BS or MS degree, who constitute the vast majority of degreed engineers, as well as the characteristics of those with non-engineering degrees who are employed as engineers in the United States. It provides insight into their educational and career pathways and related decision making, the forces that influence their decisions, and the implications for major elements of engineering education-to-workforce pathways.

The Search for Life on Mars

Book of The Search for Life on Mars
  • Author : Elizabeth Howell,Nicholas Booth
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Isbn : : 1950691667
  • Pages : 400
  • Category : Science

Published to coincide with the launch of NASA’s Perseverance rover mission this summer, the definitive account of our quest to find life on the Red Planet. From The War of the Worlds to The Martian and to the amazing photographs sent back by the robotic rovers Curiosity and Opportunity, Mars has excited our imaginations as the most likely other habitat for life in the solar system. Now the Red Planet is coming under scrutiny as never before. As new missions are scheduled to launch this year from the United States and China, and with the European Space Agency's ExoMars mission now scheduled for 2022, this book recounts in full the greatest scientific detective story ever. For the first time in forty years, the missions heading to Mars will look for signs of ancient life on the world next door. It is the latest chapter in an age‑old quest that encompasses myth, false starts, red herrings, and bizarre coincidences—as well as triumphs and heartbreaking failures. This book, by two journalists with deep experience covering space exploration, is the definitive story of how life's discovery has eluded us to date, and how it will be found somewhere and sometime this century. The Search for Life on Mars is based on more than a hundred interviews with experts at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and elsewhere, who share their insights and stories. While it looks back to the early Mars missions such as Viking 1 and 2, the book's focus is on the experiments and revelations from the most recent ones—including Curiosity, which continues to explore potentially habitable sites where water was once present, and the Mars Insight lander, which has recorded more than 450 marsquakes since its deployment in late 2018—as well as on the Perseverance and ExoMars rover missions ahead. And the book looks forward to the newest, most exciting frontier of all: the day, not too far away, when humans will land, make the Red Planet their home, and look for life directly.

Wind Energy for Power Generation

Book of Wind Energy for Power Generation
  • Author : K. R. Rao
  • Publisher : Springer Nature
  • Isbn : : 3319751344
  • Pages : 1443
  • Category : Technology & Engineering

This far-reaching resource covers a full spectrum of multi-faceted considerations critical for energy generation decision makers considering the adoption or expansion of wind power facilities. It contextualizes pivotal technical information within the real complexities of economic, environmental, practical and socio-economic parameters. This matrix of coverage includes case studies and analysis from developed and developing regions, including North America and Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle-East and Africa. Crucial issues to power generation professionals and utilities such as: capacity credits; fuel saving; intermittency; penetration limits; relative cost of electricity by generation source; growth and cost trends; incentives; and wind integration issues are addressed. Other economic issues succinctly discussed inform financial commitment to a project, including investment matrices, strategies for economic evaluations, econometrics of wind energy, cost comparisons of various investment strategies, and cost comparisons with other energy sources. Due to its encompassing scope, this reference will be of distinct interest to practicing engineers, policy and decision makers, project planners, investors and students working in the area of wind energy for power generation.

The Use and Abuse of Power

Book of The Use and Abuse of Power
  • Author : Annette Y. Lee-Chai,John Bargh
  • Publisher : Psychology Press
  • Isbn : : 1317710363
  • Pages : 328
  • Category : Psychology

A compilation of works from prominent researchers, promoting both a panoramic and multilevel understanding of this complex construct, with focus on power as a cause of social ills and remedies to prevent corruption and abuse.

Ozarks: Land and Life (p)

Book of Ozarks: Land and Life (p)
  • Author : Milton D. Rafferty
  • Publisher : University of Arkansas Press
  • Isbn : : 9781610753029
  • Pages : 368
  • Category : Natural history

"The Ozark Mountains reach into Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas, forming a region with great natural beauty and a distinctive cultural and historical landscape. This comprehensive volume, a fully updated edition of a beloved classic, reaches into history, anthropology, economics, and geography to explore the complex relationships between the Ozarks' people and land through times of profound change. Drawing on more than thirty years of research, field observations, and interviews, Rafferty examines this subject matter through a range of topics: the settlement patterns and material cultures of Native Americans, French, Scotch-Irish, Germans, Italians, African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians in the region; population growth; the guerrilla warfare and battles of the Civil War; the cultural transformations wrought by railroads, roads, mass media, and modern communication systems; the discovery, development, and decline of the great mining districts; the various forms of agriculture and the felling of the region's vast forests; and the built landscape, from log cabins to Victorian mansions to strip malls. This new edition also explores the new and potent forces which have reshaped the region over the last twenty years: tourism and the growing service industry, suburbanization, rapid population growth and retirement living, and agribusiness. Lavishly illustrated with historic and contemporary photographs, maps, and charts."--Publisher's description

Frontiers of Energy and Environmental Engineering

Book of Frontiers of Energy and Environmental Engineering
  • Author : Wen-Pei Sung,Jimmy C.M. Kao,Ran Chen
  • Publisher : CRC Press
  • Isbn : : 0203386108
  • Pages : 872
  • Category : Nature

Frontiers of Energy and Environmental Engineering brings together 192 peer-reviewed papers presented at the 2012 International Conference on Frontiers of Energy and Environment Engineering, held in Hong Kong, December 11-13, 2012. The aim of the conference was to provide a platform for researchers, engineers and academics as well as industry profes

A History of the Middle East

Book of A History of the Middle East
  • Author : Saul S. Friedman
  • Publisher : McFarland
  • Isbn : : 0786451343
  • Pages : 353
  • Category : History

As the birthplace of three principal religions, the Middle East is holy to 15 million Jews, 2 billion Christians, and 1 billion Muslims. As the cradle of western civilization, it is fundamental to world history, the place where humans transformed themselves from nomadic hunters to settled farmers capable of building great cities and societies. This detailed history covers the Middle East from its ancient beginnings to the present. The confluence of events that produced civilized society is fully discussed, along with the establishment of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The emergence and decline of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires, which laid much of the framework for the region to move into the modern era, is covered in depth. Analysis of the area in recent decades focuses on World War I and II and the regional conflicts that inflame the Middle East of the 21st century. Instructors considering this book for use in a course may request an examination copy here.

Dictionary of Industrial Terminology

Book of Dictionary of Industrial Terminology
  • Author : Michael D. Holloway,Emma Holloway
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Isbn : : 1119364086
  • Pages : 1456
  • Category : Technology & Engineering

This is the most comprehensive dictionary of maintenance and reliability terms ever compiled, covering the process, manufacturing, and other related industries, every major area of engineering used in industry, and more. The over 15,000 entries are all alphabetically arranged and include special features to encourage usage and understanding. They are supplemented by hundreds of figures and tables that clearly demonstrate the principles & concepts behind important process control, instrumentation, reliability, machinery, asset management, lubrication, corrosion, and much much more. With contributions by leading researchers in the field: Zaki Yamani Bin Zakaria Department, Chemical Engineering, Faculty Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia Prof. Jelenka B. Savkovic-Stevanovic, Chemical Engineering Dept, University of Belgrade, Serbia Jim Drago, PE, Garlock an EnPro Industries family of companies, USA Robert Perez, President of Pumpcalcs, USA Luiz Alberto Verri, Independent Consultatnt, Verri Veritatis Consultoria, Brasil Matt Tones, Garlock an EnPro Industries family of companies, USA Dr. Reza Javaherdashti, formerly with Qatar University, Doha-Qatar Prof. Semra Bilgic, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Physical Chemistry, Ankara University, Turkey Dr. Mazura Jusoh , Chemical Engineering Department, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Jayesh Ramesh Tekchandaney, Unique Mixers and Furnaces Pvt. Ltd. Dr. Henry Tan, Senior Lecturer in Safety & Reliability Engineering, and Subsea Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen Fiddoson Fiddo, School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen Prof. Roy Johnsen, NTNU, Norway Prof. N. Sitaram , Thermal Turbomachines Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Madras, Chennai India Ghazaleh Mohammadali, IranOilGas Network Members' Services Greg Livelli, ABB Instrumentation, Warminster, Pennsylvania, USA Gas Processors Suppliers Association (GPSA)

Reflections: an Engineer's Story

Book of Reflections: an Engineer's Story
  • Author : Aldelmo Ruiz PE
  • Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
  • Isbn : : 1469166909
  • Pages : 416
  • Category : Biography & Autobiography

Few have encountered the rich tapestry of experiences that Ruiz has known. After he fulfilled His childhood dream of becoming an engineer he traveled a path that eventually led him to alleviating harsh conditions faced by third world countries that lacked infrastructure necessities such as sanitary water and roads fit for travel. His book, Reflections, weaves Ruiz's story through his memories of challenges running a highly successful engineering firm and working tirelessly as a foreign service officer. Reflections gives readers a refreshing perspective on an autobiography that stands heads and shoulders above others that solely focus on descriptions of accomplishments.

Oswaal Karnataka PUE Sample Question Papers For PUC I Economics (March 2020 Exam)

Book of Oswaal Karnataka PUE Sample Question Papers For PUC I Economics (March 2020 Exam)
  • Author : Oswaal Editorial Board
  • Publisher : Oswaal Books
  • Isbn : : 9389510058
  • Pages : 160
  • Category : Education

SAMPLE QUESTION PAPERS Preparing for any Examination calls for a lot of discipline and perseverance on the part of a student. We at Oswaal Books have always strived to be a student’s closest companion, his guiding light and his trusted friend by helping him sail through this important phase with utmost ease and confidence and emerge a winner!! In order to excel, a student not only has to be updated with the latest Board curriculum but also stay focused and use necessary exam tools to his advantage. In the mid of August 2019,Department of Pre University Education, Karnataka released an updated curriculum and Model Papers for Academic Year 2019-2020 on which Oswaal Books has based all its Exam Preparatory Material. Oswaal Books has always been proactive to follow the changes proposed by the Board and implement the same as soon as possible to put the students, parents and teachers at ease. The Oswaal Sample Question Papers have been developed as per the latest Board guidelines in order to support the students during the crucial exam preparatory phase. They provide the most formidable combination of Questions along with top notch Learning Tools to empower the students to conquer every examination they face. Each Sample Question Paper has been designed with a lot of care and precision. Our panel of experts have tried their best to arrange each Sample Question Paper in such a way that it gives the students an exact feel of the Final Examination. Special care has been taken to keep all the solutions simple and precise. 5 Sample Papers are solved in this book itself, while for the solutions of the other 6 to 10 sample papers , you can visit and download the solutions at any time. (Refer to the QR code). Some of the key highlights of Oswaal Sample Papers are: • Ten Sample Question Papers covering important concepts from an examination perspective (1-5 solved and 6-10 for Self-Assessment*) • All Typologies of Questions specified by included for examination success • Scheme of Evaluation upto March/April 2019 Exam with detailed explanations as per the word limit for exam-oriented study • ‘On Tips Notes’ for crisp revision We hope Oswaal Sample Papers empower each and every student to excel, now and always!!

Oswaal Karnataka PUE Sample Question Papers I PUC Class 11 Economics Book (For 2021 Exam)

Book of Oswaal Karnataka PUE Sample Question Papers I PUC Class 11 Economics Book (For 2021 Exam)
  • Author : Oswaal Editorial Board
  • Publisher : Oswaal Books and Learning Pvt Ltd
  • Isbn : : 9390411157
  • Pages : 176
  • Category : Study Aids

Some of the key highlights of Oswaal Sample Papers are: • Ten Sample Question Papers covering important concepts from an examination perspective (1-5 solved and 6-10 for Self-Assessment*) • All Typologies of Questions specified by included for examination success • Scheme of Evaluation upto March/April 2020 Exam with detailed explanations as per the word limit for exam-oriented study • ‘On Tips Notes’ for crisp revision We hope Oswaal Sample Papers empower each and every student to excel, now and always!!

Operations Management

Book of Operations Management
  • Author : Ray R. Venkataraman,Jeffrey K. Pinto
  • Publisher : SAGE Publications
  • Isbn : : 1544339372
  • Pages : 1152
  • Category : Business & Economics

Operations Management: Managing Global Supply Chains takes a holistic, integrated approach to managing operations and supply chains by exploring the strategic, tactical, and operational decisions and challenges facing organizations worldwide. Authors Ray R. Venkataraman and Jeffrey K. Pinto address sustainability in each chapter, showing that sustainable operations and supply chain practices are not only attainable, but are critical and often profitable practices for organizations to undertake. With a focus on critical thinking and problem solving, Operations Management provides students with a comprehensive introduction to the field and equips them with the tools necessary to thrive in today’s evolving global business environment. A Complete Teaching & Learning Package SAGE coursepacks FREE! Easily import our quality instructor and student resource content into your school’s learning management system (LMS) and save time. Learn more. SAGE edge FREE online resources for students that make learning easier. See how your students benefit.

Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures

Book of Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures
  • Author : Sharma S.K.
  • Publisher : S. Chand Publishing
  • Isbn : : 9352533771
  • Pages : N.A
  • Category : Technology & Engineering

Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures comprehensively deals with all aspects of Irrigation in India, soil moisture and different types of irrigation systems including but not limited to Sprinkler, Tubewell, Canal and Micro-Irrigation. The book also focuses on Engineering Hydrology, Dams, Water Power Engineering as well as Irrigation Water Management. Special care has been taken to highlight the principles, practices and design procedures that have been widely recommended as well as suggest improvements in the application of existing methods and adoption of latest techniques used in other parts of the world.

Gender Theory in Troubled Times

Book of Gender Theory in Troubled Times
  • Author : Kathleen Lennon,Rachel Alsop
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Isbn : : 0745683053
  • Pages : 304
  • Category : Social Science

Theorizing gender is more urgent and highly political than ever before. These are times, in many countries, of increased visibility of women in public life and high-profile campaigns against sexual violence and harassment. Challenges to fixed, traditional gender norms have paved the way for the recognition of gay marriage and gender recognition acts allowing people to change the gender assigned to them at birth. Yet these are also times of religious and political backlash by the alt right, the demonization of the very term ‘gender’ and a renewed embrace of the ‘naturalness’ of gendered difference as ordained by God or Science. A follow-up to the authors’ 2002 text, Theorizing Gender, this timely and necessary intervention revisits gender theory for contemporary times. Refusing a singular ‘truth about gender’, the authors explore the multiple strands which go into making our gendered identities, in the context of materialist and intersectional perspectives interwoven with phenomenological and performative ones. The resulting critical overview will be a welcome and invaluable guide for students and scholars of gender across the social sciences and humanities.

Super 10 CBSE Class 10 Social Science 2021-22 Term I Sample Papers with OMR Sheets

Book of Super 10 CBSE Class 10 Social Science 2021-22 Term I Sample Papers with OMR Sheets
  • Author : Disha Experts
  • Publisher : Disha Publications
  • Isbn : : 9391551475
  • Pages : 150
  • Category : Books

The book contains Completely New 10 Sample Papers designed on the latest pattern (All MCQs) issued by CBSE Dated 2nd Sep 2021 as per the Term I syllabus provided by CBSE Board Dated 28th July 2021. Each of the Sample Papers is designed on the Latest Question Paper Design 2021-22. The book also provides the CBSE Sample Paper 2021-22 with Solutions, Objective Questions with Solutions CBSE Sample Paper 2020-21, Objective Questions with Solutions 2020 Solved paper and OMR Answer Sheet for each Sample Paper. The book also provides the complete Latest Syllabus of 2021-2022. Detailed Explanations to all the Questions have been provided.

Care Alumni Memories

Book of Care Alumni Memories
  • Author : N.a
  • Publisher : Readworthy
  • Isbn : : 9350181711
  • Pages : N.A
  • Category : Books

Communities in Action

Book of Communities in Action
  • Author : National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine,Health and Medicine Division,Board on Population Health and Public Health Practice,Committee on Community-Based Solutions to Promote Health Equity in the United States
  • Publisher : National Academies Press
  • Isbn : : 0309452996
  • Pages : 582
  • Category : Medical

In the United States, some populations suffer from far greater disparities in health than others. Those disparities are caused not only by fundamental differences in health status across segments of the population, but also because of inequities in factors that impact health status, so-called determinants of health. Only part of an individual's health status depends on his or her behavior and choice; community-wide problems like poverty, unemployment, poor education, inadequate housing, poor public transportation, interpersonal violence, and decaying neighborhoods also contribute to health inequities, as well as the historic and ongoing interplay of structures, policies, and norms that shape lives. When these factors are not optimal in a community, it does not mean they are intractable: such inequities can be mitigated by social policies that can shape health in powerful ways. Communities in Action: Pathways to Health Equity seeks to delineate the causes of and the solutions to health inequities in the United States. This report focuses on what communities can do to promote health equity, what actions are needed by the many and varied stakeholders that are part of communities or support them, as well as the root causes and structural barriers that need to be overcome.