Little Bee

Book of Little Bee
Little Bee is book by N.a, publish by Bond Street Books with 288 pages. You can read book online free by subscribe to Kindle Unlimited or direct download from the alternative source.
  • Author : N.a
  • Publisher : Bond Street Books
  • Isbn : : 0307373282
  • Pages : 288
  • Category : Fiction

Sarah Summers is enjoying a holiday on a Nigerian beach when a young girl named Little Bee crashes irrevocably into her life. All it takes is a brief and horrifying moment of crisis — a terrifying scene that no reader will forget. Afterwards, Sarah and Little Bee might expect never to see each other again. But Little Bee finds Sarah’s husband’s wallet in the sand, and smuggles herself on board a cargo vessel with his address in mind. She spends two years in detention in England before making her way to Sarah’s house, with what will prove to be devastating timing. Chapter by chapter, alternating between Little Bee’s voice and Sarah’s, Chris Cleave wholly and caringly portrays two very different women trying to cope with events they’d never imagined. Little Bee is experiencing all the fullness and emptiness of the rich world for the first time, and her observations are hopeful, charming and piercing: “Most days I wish I was a British pound coin instead of an African girl,” she says: “Everyone would be pleased to see me coming.” Sarah is more cynical and disheartened, a successful magazine editor trying to find meaning in the face of turmoil at home and work. As the story develops, however, we learn about what matters most to her, including her fierce, protective love for her funny little son (“From the Spring of 2007 until the end of that long summer when Little Bee came to live with us,” Sarah says, “my son removed his Batman costume only at bathtimes.”). Sarah is trying to find herself as much as Little Bee is — and, unexpectedly, each character discovers a ray of hope in the other. What follows when Little Bee comes back into Sarah’s life is a powerful story of reconciliation and healing, but it is mixed in with a generous helping of satire about the daily difficulties of modern life. This is a novel about important issues, from refugee policy to the devastating effects of violence, but more than that, it does something only great fiction can: Little Bee teaches us what it is like to live through experiences most of us think of only as far off disasters in the news. As ever, the author says it best: “It’s an uplifting, thrilling, universal human story, and I just worked to keep it simple. One brave African girl; one brave Western woman. What if one just turned up on the other’s doorstep one misty morning and asked, Can you help? And what if that help wasn’t just a one-way street?”

Little Bee

Book of Little Bee
  • Author : N.a
  • Publisher : LB Kids
  • Isbn : : 0316210153
  • Pages : 24
  • Category : Juvenile Fiction

All the animals are running away, but what are they afraid of? Find out in this action-packed book that will have all little children wanting to turn the pages and join in. It's simple, it's fun, it's thought provoking, and the surprise ending brings it right back to the beginning - to be enjoyed all over again! Graphic designer and illustrator Edward Gibbs has always sought to communicate meaningful ideas in the simplest way. With a seemingly effortless touch, in this book and its companion The Acorn, he introduces educational themes and concepts (food chains, fear, ecosystems) in a visual, fun, and satisfying romp for the very young.


Book of Incendiary
  • Author : Chris Cleave
  • Publisher : Anchor Canada
  • Isbn : : 0385672357
  • Pages : 256
  • Category : Fiction

At once a novel and an open letter to Osama bin Laden, Incendiary is a shocking, hilarious, and heartbreaking debut that crashes head on into huge questions of right and wrong, good and evil, madness and sanity. Incendiary is the story of a working class woman who likes her simple life: watching Arsenal matches on the telly with her husband and little boy, fishsticks for dinner in their small flat, the occasional trip to the pub. One spring afternoon the woman, whom we know only by the nickname “Petal”, watches her husband and their son head happily off to Ashburton Grove, Arsenal’s brand new stadium, to see their favourite team play. A few hours later the horror of a terrorist bombing plays out on her television — the bombing of Ashburton Grove. “Petal” tells her own story in an extraordinary voice, one both desperate and sharply funny, speaking directly to the man responsible for the bombing. She shows the reader an incredible world, a London that is not quite real, in a time that is not quite our own. And as deeply enmeshed as the reader becomes in her reality, a tiny, persistent doubt begins to creep in about just what is reality and what is a manifestation of her griefstricken and distraught imagination. Dear Osama they want you dead or alive so the terror will stop. Well I wouldn’t know about that I mean rock ’n’ roll didn’t stop when Elvis died on the khazi it just got worse. Next thing you know there was Sonny & Cher and Dexy’s Midnight Runners. I’ll come to them later. My point is it’s easier to start these things than to finish them. I suppose you thought of that did you? There’s a reward of 25 million dollars on your head but don’t lose sleep on my account Osama. I have no information leading to your arrest or capture. I have no information full effing stop. I’m what you’d call an infidel and my husband called working class. There is a difference you know. But just supposing I did clap eyes on you. Supposing I saw you driving a Nissan Primera down towards Shoreditch and grassed you to the old bill. Well. I wouldn’t know how to spend 25 million dollars. It’s not as if I’ve got anyone to spend it on since you blew up my husband and my boy. —excerpt from Indendiary

Midsummer's Mayhem

Book of Midsummer's Mayhem
  • Author : Rajani LaRocca
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Isbn : : 1499808895
  • Pages : 336
  • Category : Juvenile Fiction

Can Mimi undo the mayhem caused by her baking in this contemporary-fantasy retelling of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream? Eleven-year-old Mimi Mackson comes from a big Indian American family: Dad's a renowned food writer, Mom's a successful businesswoman, and her three older siblings all have their own respective accomplishments. It's easy to feel invisible in such an impressive family, but Mimi's dream of proving she's not the least-talented member of her family seems possible when she discovers a baking contest at the new bakery in town. Plus, it'll start her on the path to becoming a celebrity chef like her culinary idol, Puffy Fay. But when Mimi's dad returns from a business trip, he's mysteriously lost his highly honed sense of taste. Without his help, Mimi will never be able to bake something impressive enough to propel her to gastronomic fame. Drawn into the woods behind her house by a strangely familiar song, Mimi meets Vik, a boy who brings her to parts of the forest she's never seen. Who knew there were banyan trees and wild boars in Massachusetts? Together they discover exotic ingredients and bake them into delectable and enchanting treats. But as her dad acts stranger every day, and her siblings' romantic entanglements cause trouble in their town, Mimi begins to wonder whether the ingredients she and Vik found are somehow the cause of it all. She needs to use her skills, deductive and epicurean, to uncover what's happened. In the process, she learns that in life as in baking, not everything is sweet. . . .


Book of Gold
  • Author : Chris Cleave
  • Publisher : Bond Street Books
  • Isbn : : 0385677162
  • Pages : 368
  • Category : Fiction

The spectacular new novel by the bestselling and critically acclaimed author of the reader and bookseller favourite, Little Bee. In the tradition of his beloved previous novel, Little Bee, Chris Cleave again gives us an elegant, funny, passionate story about friendship, marriage, parenthood, tragedy, and redemption. This time, the setting is the upcoming London Olympics. Gold is the story of two women, Zoe and Kate, world-class cyclists who have been friends and rivals since their first day of elite training years ago. They have loved, fought, betrayed, forgiven, lost, consoled, triumphed, and grown up together. Now, on the eve of London 2012, their last Olympics, the two must compete for the one remaining spot on their team. In doing so, the women will be tested to their physical, mental and emotional limits. They will confront each other and their own mortality, and be asked to decide: What will you sacrifice for the people you love?

Everyone Brave Is Forgiven

Book of Everyone Brave Is Forgiven
  • Author : Chris Cleave
  • Publisher : Bond Street Books
  • Isbn : : 0385685033
  • Pages : 480
  • Category : Fiction

The breathtaking new novel set during the Blitz by the bestselling and critically acclaimed author of the reader and bookseller favourite, Little Bee. As World War Two begins, Mary, a young socialite, is determined to shock her blueblood political family by volunteering for the war effort. She is assigned as a teacher to children who were evacuated from London and have been rejected by the countryside because they are infirm, mentally disabled, or—like Mary’s favorite student, Zachary—have colored skin. Tom, an education administrator, is distraught when his best friend, Alastair, enlists. Alastair, an art restorer, has always seemed far removed from the violent life to which he has now condemned himself. But Tom finds distraction in Mary, first as her employer and then as their relationship quickly develops in the emotionally charged times. When Mary meets Alastair, the three are drawn into a tragic love triangle and—while war escalates and bombs begin falling around them—further into a new world unlike any they’ve ever known. Moving from Blitz-torn London to the Siege of Malta, this is an epic story of love, loss, prejudice and incredible courage.

Snowy Bear

Book of Snowy Bear
  • Author : Tony Mitton
  • Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing USA
  • Isbn : : 1619639076
  • Pages : 32
  • Category : Juvenile Fiction

Here is a bear who has nowhere to go, so he's plodding along through the cold winter snow. In the icy-cold heart of winter, a little snow bear wanders through the snow and searches for a home. But where can he go? Each warm place has been claimed, and there is no room for a bear, no matter how little. Suddenly he sees a flickering of light, orange and bright against the snowy ground. It's a house! As Snow Bear pushes open the creaking door, he feels warmth spread over him. There's a girl by the window, who's also looking for a friend, and, somehow, deep down, Snow Bear knows that he is home.

The Adventures of Maya the Bee

Book of The Adventures of Maya the Bee
  • Author : Waldemar Bonsels
  • Publisher : Library of Alexandria
  • Isbn : : 146560720X
  • Pages : N.A
  • Category : Books

Freedom in Congo Square

Book of Freedom in Congo Square
  • Author : Carole Boston Weatherford
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Isbn : : 1499804792
  • Pages : 40
  • Category : Juvenile Nonfiction

Chosen as a New York Times Best Illustrated Book of 2016, this poetic, nonfiction story about a little-known piece of African American history captures a human's capacity to find hope and joy in difficult circumstances and demonstrates how New Orleans' Congo Square was truly freedom's heart. Mondays, there were hogs to slop, mules to train, and logs to chop. Slavery was no ways fair. Six more days to Congo Square. As slaves relentlessly toiled in an unjust system in 19th century Louisiana, they all counted down the days until Sunday, when at least for half a day they were briefly able to congregate in Congo Square in New Orleans. Here they were free to set up an open market, sing, dance, and play music. They were free to forget their cares, their struggles, and their oppression. This story chronicles slaves' duties each day, from chopping logs on Mondays to baking bread on Wednesdays to plucking hens on Saturday, and builds to the freedom of Sundays and the special experience of an afternoon spent in Congo Square. This book will have a forward from Freddi Williams Evans (, a historian and Congo Square expert, as well as a glossary of terms with pronunciations and definitions. AWARDS: A Kirkus Reviews Best Book of 2016 A School Library Journal Best Book of 2016: Nonfiction Starred reviews from School Library Journal, Booklist, Kirkus Reviews, and The Horn Book Magazine

Little Bee's Flower

Book of Little Bee's Flower
  • Author : Jacob Souva
  • Publisher : Graphic Arts Books
  • Isbn : : 1513289489
  • Pages : 32
  • Category : Juvenile Fiction

A heartwarming tale buzzing with sincerity, humor, and kindness, Little Bee's Flower is about the courage in venturing out on your own—and also the strength in asking for help sometimes. For the first time, Little Bee goes out on her own on a very important mission: to find a flower. But what does a flower look like? What does it smell like? As she learns from other animals what makes a flower, she worries: will she ever find what she’s looking for? This book is about doing something for the first time and all the fear, excitement, anxiety, and hope that comes with the new experience. Included at the back are cool facts about bees and their amazing contributions to the world.

The Brave Little Bee

Book of The Brave Little Bee
  • Author : Swan Publishing Inc.
  • Publisher : Trafford Publishing
  • Isbn : : 1466915404
  • Pages : N.A
  • Category : Juvenile Fiction

The Very Bad Little Bee

Book of The Very Bad Little Bee
  • Author : E. Townsend
  • Publisher : Eidetic Publishing LLC
  • Isbn : :
  • Pages : 22
  • Category : Fiction

The Very Bad Little Bee is a moral tale teaches some of Aristotle's virtue ethics. The story begins with a Little Bee who does not want to work in the hive, he's a bully, and he wants to talk on his phone all day. Queen Bee gets upset with Little Bee and Little Bee decides to run away from home. On the other side of the meadow, Little Bee meets two new friends who teach him about goodness. At the end of the story, he is a very good little bee.

The Little Bee Charmer of Henrietta Street

Book of The Little Bee Charmer of Henrietta Street
  • Author : Sarah Webb
  • Publisher : The O'Brien Press Ltd
  • Isbn : : 178849301X
  • Pages : 320
  • Category : Juvenile Fiction

Dublin 1911 When Eliza Kane and her brother Jonty move from the leafy suburbs of Rathmines to a tenement flat on Henrietta Street they are in for a shock. Pigs and ponies in the yard, rats in the hallways and cockroaches or ‘clocks’ underfoot! When they meet their new neighbour, Annie, a kind and practical teenager and her brothers, and a travelling circus comes to town, offering them both jobs, helping Madam Ada, the bee charmer, and Albert the dog trainer, things start to look up. When a tragedy happens in the tenements, Eliza, Jonty and their new friends spring into action. A tale of family, friendship and finding a new home, with touch of magical bees!

The Tiny Bee That Hovers at the Center of the World

Book of The Tiny Bee That Hovers at the Center of the World
  • Author : David Searcy
  • Publisher : Random House
  • Isbn : : 059313365X
  • Pages : 208
  • Category : Biography & Autobiography

An ethereal meditation on longing, loss, and time, sweeping from the highways of Texas to the canals of Mars—by the acclaimed essayist and author of Shame and Wonder David Searcy’s writing is enchanting and peculiar, obsessed with plumbing the mysteries and wonders of our everyday world, the beauty and cruelty of time, and nothing less than what he calls “the whole idea of meaning.” In The Tiny Bee That Hovers at the Center of the World, he leads the reader across the landscapes of his extraordinary mind, moving from the decaying architectural wonder that is the town of Arcosanti, Arizona, to driving the vast, open Texas highway in his much-abused college VW Beetle, to the mysterious, canal-riddled Martian landscape that famed astronomer Percival Lowell first set eyes on, via his telescope, in 1894. Searcy does not come at his ideas directly, but rather digresses and meditates and analyzes until some essential truth has been illuminated—and it is in that journey that the beauty is found.

Black Stereotypes in Popular Series Fiction, 1851–1955

Book of Black Stereotypes in Popular Series Fiction, 1851–1955
  • Author : Bernard A. Drew
  • Publisher : McFarland
  • Isbn : : 1476616108
  • Pages : 292
  • Category : Literary Criticism

Even well-meaning fiction writers of the late Jim Crow era (1900–1955) perpetuated racial stereotypes in their depiction of black characters. From 1918 to 1952, Octavus Roy Cohen turned out a remarkable 360 short stories featuring Florian Slappey and the schemers, romancers and ditzes of Birmingham’s Darktown for The Saturday Evening Post and other publications. Cohen said, “I received a great deal of mail from Negroes and I have never found any resentment from a one of them.” The black readership had to be satisfied with any black presence in the popular literature of the day. The best known white writers of black characters included Booth Tarkington (Herman and Verman in the Penrod books), Irvin S. Cobb (Judge Priest’s houseman Jeff Poindexter), Roark Bradford (Widow Duck, the plantation matriarch), Hugh Wiley (Wildcat Marsden, the war veteran who traveled the country in the company of his goat) and Charles Correll and Freeman Gosden (radio’s Amos ’n’ Andy). These writers deservedly declined in the civil rights era, but left a curious legacy that deserves examination. This book, focusing on authors of series fiction and particularly of humorous stories, profiles 29 writers and their black characters in detail, with brief entries covering 72 others.

Security and Hospitality in Literature and Culture

Book of Security and Hospitality in Literature and Culture
  • Author : Jeffrey Clapp,Emily Ridge
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Isbn : : 1317425847
  • Pages : 286
  • Category : Literary Criticism

With contributions from an international array of scholars, this volume opens a dialogue between discourses of security and hospitality in modern and contemporary literature and culture. The chapters in the volume span domestic spaces and detention camps, the experience of migration and the phenomena of tourism, interpersonal exchanges and cross-cultural interventions. The volume explores the multifarious ways in which subjects, citizens, communities, and states negotiate the mutual, and potentially exclusive, desires to secure themselves and offer hospitality to others. From the individual’s telephone and data, to the threshold of the family home, to the borders of the nation, sites of securitization confound hospitality’s injunction to openness, gifting, and refuge. In demonstrating an interrelation between ongoing discussions of hospitality and the intensifying attention to security, the book engages with a range of literary, cultural, and geopolitical contexts, drawing on work from other disciplines, including philosophy, political science, and sociology. Further, it defines a new interdisciplinary area of inquiry that resonates with current academic interests in world literature, transnationalism, and cosmopolitanism.

Education in/for Socialism

Book of Education in/for Socialism
  • Author : Tom G. Griffiths,Zsuzsa Millei
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Isbn : : 131735303X
  • Pages : 164
  • Category : Education

This book re-examines aspects of historical socialism, and includes case studies of education within twenty-first century socialist and post-socialist contexts shaped by the trajectories of historical socialism. Through these case studies, contributions offer insights into key questions: How are education systems and student subjectivities shaped by post-socialist trajectories and current regional politics, economics and resistance movements? How do sedimented socialist discourses and geographies alter and contest the ‘neoliberal child’ and ‘childhood’ in post-socialist education? How have disjunctures between the rhetoric of historical Marxism-Leninism and the practices of educators, students and student political organizations played out under socialism, and what could we learn from that for our present? How much emancipatory potential is there in the theories and practices of (popular) education for combatting injustice in the absence of mass, revolutionary political parties? Above all, this volume affirms the need to move beyond simplistic accounts of historical socialism and post-socialist transitions. By exploring how socialist trajectories remain influential and have potential in our current contexts, this book contributes to the work of politically engaged educators working to re-imagine and reconstruct education. This book was originally published as a special issue of Globalisation, Societies and Education.

A Selfish Bee

Book of A Selfish Bee
  • Author : Hetan Prajapati
  • Publisher : Educreation Publishing
  • Isbn : :
  • Pages : 105
  • Category : Fiction

The text in this book reflects the conversation between a person and a honey bee whose thoughts accidently resemble that of the author's thoughts! The selfish bee is a very energetic, lovely, positive, honest, responsible, friendly and aware fictional character. The author and the selfish bee do not want to disrespect or target any present or past, dead or alive person, family, group, cast, religion, region, creed, company, nation, leader, language whatsoever. This book is an innocent attempt to make story writing more educational and inspirational for the readers of all ages. The book expresses concern prevailing in a totally imaginative place called 'dreamland' situated on an unknown planet. The people, places, events, thoughts, ideas and suggestions made in the book are limited to the author and the book itself. It is the story of a selfish bee and his dreams.

The Book Club Cookbook, Revised Edition

Book of The Book Club Cookbook, Revised Edition
  • Author : Judy Gelman,Vicki Levy Krupp
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Isbn : : 1101560568
  • Pages : 512
  • Category : Cooking

“Part cookbook, part celebration of the written word, [The Book Club Cookbook] illustrates how books and ideas can bring people together.” —Publishers Weekly "We are what we eat, they say. We can eat what we read, too. The Book Club Cookbook by Judy Gelman and Vicki Levy Krupp (Tarcher/Penguin, $21.95), first published in 2004 and now newly updated and revised, offers up dozens of new recipes inspired by book clubs’ favorite books, their characters and authors." —USA Today "It's pretty much a no-brainer why we love something like The Book Club Cookbook - it combines two of our all-time favorite things: food and books. Even better - the recipes in the book let us get a fuller experience of our favorite novels by thinking up recipes either inspired by the story or literally contributed by the author as essential to the book." —Flavorwire "The Book Club Cookbook excels at offering book groups new title ideas and a culinary way to spice up their discussions." —Library Journal Whether it's Roman Punch for The Age of Innocence, or Sabzi Challow (spinach and rice) with Lamb for The Kite Runner, or Swedish Meatballs and Glögg for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, nothing spices up a book club meeting like great eats. Featuring recipes and discussion ideas from bestselling authors and book clubs across the country, this fully revised and updated edition of the classic book guides readers in selecting and preparing culinary masterpieces that blend perfectly with the literary masterpieces their club is reading. This edition features new contributions from a host of today's bestselling authors including: Kathryn Stockett, The Help (Demetrie's Chocolate Pie and Caramel Cake) Sara Gruen, Water for Elephants (Oyster Brie Soup) Jodi Picoult, My Sister's Keeper (Brian Fitzgerald's Firehouse Marinara Sauce) Abraham Verghese, Cutting for Stone (Almaz's Ethiopian Doro Wot and Sister Mary Joseph Praise's Cari de Dal) Annie Barrows, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (Annie Barrows's Potato Peel Pie and Non-Occupied Potato Peel Pie) Lisa See, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (Lisa See's Deep-Fried Sugared Taro) The Book Club Cookbook will add real flavor to your book club meetings!

The Routledge Companion to Literature and Human Rights

Book of The Routledge Companion to Literature and Human Rights
  • Author : Sophia A. McClennen,Alexandra Schultheis Moore
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Isbn : : 131769628X
  • Pages : 528
  • Category : Literary Criticism

The Routledge Companion to Literature and Human Rights provides a comprehensive, transnational, and interdisciplinary map to this emerging field, offering a broad overview of human rights and literature while providing innovative readings on key topics. The first of its kind, this volume covers essential issues and themes, necessarily crossing disciplines between the social sciences and humanities. Sections cover: subjects, with pieces on subjectivity, humanity, identity, gender, universality, the particular, the body forms, visiting the different ways human rights stories are crafted and formed via the literary, the visual, the performative, and the oral contexts, tracing the development of the literature over time and in relation to specific regions and historical events impacts, considering the power and limits of human rights literature, rhetoric, and visual culture Drawn from many different global contexts, the essays offer an ideal introduction for those approaching the study of literature and human rights for the first time, looking for new insights and interdisciplinary perspectives, or interested in new directions for future scholarship. Contributors: Chris Abani, Jonathan E. Abel, Elizabeth S. Anker, Arturo Arias, Ariella Azoulay, Ralph Bauer, Anna Bernard, Brenda Carr Vellino, Eleni Coundouriotis, James Dawes, Erik Doxtader, Marc D. Falkoff, Keith P. Feldman, Elizabeth Swanson Goldberg, Audrey J. Golden, Mark Goodale, Barbara Harlow, Wendy S. Hesford, Peter Hitchcock, David Holloway, Christine Hong, Madelaine Hron, Meg Jensen, Luz Angélica Kirschner, Susan Maslan, Julie Avril Minich, Alexandra Schultheis Moore, Greg Mullins, Laura T. Murphy, Hanna Musiol, Makau Mutua, Zoe Norridge, David Palumbo-Liu, Crystal Parikh, Katrina M. Powell, Claudia Sadowski-Smith, Mark Sanders, Karen-Magrethe Simonsen, Joseph R. Slaughter, Sharon Sliwinski, Sidonie Smith, Domna Stanton, Sarah G. Waisvisz, Belinda Walzer, Ban Wang, Julia Watson, Gillian Whitlock and Sarah Winter.